Big Three – Sharing my Brain Practice Today

Previously I shared my personally designed strategy (a compilation of stolen techniques) for increasing your brain power and super-charging your life. I thought I would share mine with you today, in case it inspires you to do your own. The longer version of this Big Three practice is below in my “Brain Power” blog.

So here is the wallet-size outline:

Big Three: Body, Mind & Spirit:

Body: I move my body for Fitness, Fresh Air, Fun & New

Mind: I train my brain with Practice –  Gratitude, Yoga, Affirmations

Spirit: I am spirit (consciousness) I learn, share, help.

BodyFitness: Today I enjoyed a beautiful run-walk with an old friend and an old dog in the morning sun, over the bridges and along the river. Body was sweating, heart pumping. Fresh Air: I floated about in a pool, breathing fresh air and looking up at the sky. Fun and New: I learned a new supported yoga pose from the guru J.P. and will add it to my practice because it felt – amazing.

MindGratitude: I’m grateful for the messages I received today from different people, sharing their perspectives and offering support and new information. I’m grateful for the safe return of my family who enjoyed a canoe trip with 4 days of sunshine straight. I’m grateful for my capacity for learning and hoping. Yoga: 75 minutes of bliss, surrounded by positive people in a sweaty room, with great teacher JP. Affirmations: I am free, I am loved, I am powerful.

Spirit – Learn: I picked up an amazing sandwich idea from a friend’s mom. It involves shrimp and alphalfa. Share: I’m sharing my daily practice with you, with hopes to hear back about what inspires you 🙂 Help: the day isn’t done…  I’m still looking for this opportunity. Maybe if you try this Big Three Practice it will help you too?





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