Building and Climbing Over the Block Staircase

Author Mel Robbins says we all know What to do to go from Doubting to Doing, we just don’t know How get there. Our brains block us from making progress… mostly because of Fear.

This morning I decided to list the blocks and then stack them up like a staircase and climb over them.

What do I want to do? Teach people, talk to people, write, share and help people – including myself.

Doubts:  I’m not a teacher. I failed public speaking in PR school. I am not a writer. I don’t know the internet and how to share/write for the web or books. How can I help people if I’m messed up myself? How can I help myself – my efforts are not working. How can I create this work when I don’t know what it is?

Building the Doubt Staircase:

Doubt Step One: I’m not a teacher  – Not true. I am a teacher. I teach yoga classes, I teach my kids, I teach people how to run, I train my dogs.

Doubt Step Two: I failed public speaking –  PR School was 20 years ago. Since then I have made presentations at work, and delivered them successfully. I have taught countless yoga classes, successfully delivering messages and inspiring people.

Doubt Step Three: I am not a writer – I am writing right now. I have a degree in Communications and a Post-Grad Certificate in Public Relations.  I have written for business for 20 years.

Doubt Step Four: I don’t know the internet and how to share/write for the web or books – I can learn how to write for the web or for a book. There are courses and resources available. It is just a different style.

Doubt Step Five: I can I help others if I’m messed up myself? – It takes one to know one. Seane Corn (super yogi) says your scars are reminders of your greatest accomplishments. The learning that takes place in order to heal your own wounds is your special gift – you can teach people how to heal themselves. Even if all your healing isn’t done you can teach your progress – you can empathize.

Doubt Step Six: How can I help myself, my efforts are not working  – not true. My efforts are working, just not at the rate I was expecting. And there are more efforts to make. It is a process – a lifetime project. Taking time to appreciate what Has worked will crush this doubt. I have eliminated major toxins and distractions in my life (cleaned house) and now it is time to fill it back up in a healthy, organized way that aligns with my purpose. (see blog post QUITTER)

Doubt Step Seven: How can I create this work when I don’t know what it is? – I do know what it is, it just needs refinement. I need to get more clear on what it will look like and how it will unfold. Some of it is already in action. I am changing. I am documenting this change. I am teaching yoga. I am writing. I am learning from my painful experiences and sharing them.  I am reading books and investigating resources. I do know…

Is anyone ever in a perfect position to make progress? NO. Have I failed before? Yes. Am I still here and still doing this? Yes. It is happening right now – progress.

Yes.  I’ve just climbed over the staircase and ready to get more clear on HOW to create my own work – teaching, talking, writing, sharing and helping people, including myself.

I have an actual visual of my blocks (like cement blocks) stacked up like a staircase forming a solid foundation for me to bounce over like Tiger from Winnie the Poo. The exercise is helping me – maybe it will help you!

Please let me know if it does – you will be helping me with providing the first feedback on a tool used in my new career!

Thank you!










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